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Found Order c/o AHMM 
White Collar Factory,
1 Old Street Yard,

Flock House

Found Order is currently developing the project 'Flock House', for a private residential client in Hackney, East London.

Found Order was approached in 2020, to design a new extension on the second floor of a converted Edwardian terraced house in Hackney, that will relocate the existing terrace to the third floor and improve the thermal performance of the windows at the rear of the property. The project looks to adapt and extend the existing two-bedroom home to create space for their growing family, so that they can stay in the area where they work, play and actively contribute to the welfare of the local wildlife and the local community.

The colour, texture and markings seen in the London-dwelling Tree Sparrow's feathers have influenced the internal materiality and the design of a bespoke one-off dining table that consists of nesting sculptural legs and a multi-purpose tabletop that can be dismantled when not in use.

The external finishes consist of sustainable materials that use traditional construction methods in a way that is contemporary and complementary to the local surroundings. Our approach to massing and scale was to diminish the appearance of the extension by introducing soft lightly reflective natural zinc cladding, light-coloured railings that would disappear into the horizon and sustainably sourced Siberian Larch decking; all of which would improve over time. We responded to the existing clay bricks of the Edwardian building by introducing a terracotta tile and lime mortar that uses a traditional handmade approach and is sustainable and low maintenance. 

The lines of site, access to natural views and light are of great importance and we looked to create glazed openings so our client could continue to monitor the birds in the area for the British Trust for Ornithology. The design has also been crafted so the new extension peals back, from the existing footprint to maintain daylight levels for the neighboring homes. The new terrace will be dressed with lush heathers and long grasses to provide an additional layer of privacy and a rooftop habitat for bees and other wildlife.

Location: London Borough of Hackney, London
Client: Private
Architect: Found Order
Status: At Planning