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Found Order c/o AHMM 
White Collar Factory,
1 Old Street Yard,



Ideas Competition

In early 2022 Found Order collaborated with Studio Merlin to enter the The Davidson Prize annual ideas competition that recognises the transformative architecture of the home. Each year entrants are asked to consider a different aspect of the home. The theme of this years competition is ‘Co-Living - New Future?’. 

Our proposal observes that the modern landscape of urban planning and housing supply is constrained by centuries-old prevailing individualistic land ownership laws. Arbitrary lines have been drawn across 2D space throughout history, from parcelling up British villages to colonial empires dividing swathes of continents with the swipe of a pen. Viewing space in a two-dimensional nature with binary approaches to public and private has led to a shortage of suitable homes, chronic affordability issues, homelessness, loneliness, and inequality.

CO-TOWN questions the nature of privatised land ownership by proposing a re-think of town planning principles. Through the use of a 5.5m 3D CO-Living grid, modular volumes of living, civic and amenity space are configured and moved around to create an alternative framework of shared CO-Living in both the X and Y axis that replace privately held 2D plots and the constraints of an infinity of air rights.

CO-TOWN is therefore a physical and metaphorical framework consisting of Metabolist-esque units. Shown here, small, medium and large customisable living cubes suitable for individuals, couples, families and the elderly compliment a range of CO-HOUSE modules including CO-Kitchens, CO-Lounges, CO-Dining, CO-Working and CO-Creches. The structural framework doubles up as servicing, whilst certain modules are left blank for rooftop allotments, stair access, public realm, CO-Commercial and light industrial CO-Modules.

Davidson Prize 2022 Theme: Co-Living: A New Future?
Compeition Entry Name: CO-TOWN
Competiton Team: Found Order & Studio Merlin
Submitted: Early 2022